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New Yorker and new doctor Zoe Hart accepts an offer from a stranger, Dr.

Harley Wilkes, to work in his medical practice in Bluebell, Alabama.

RELATED: RIP ‘Emily Owens, MD’: A Tribute to a Show Canceled Too Soon And this is why should not have been canceled. We finally got past the introduction stage, and could begin the real story.

Forget all my previous arguments that were based on the quality and unique aspects of the show (which were all completely valid, by the way). Emily had evolved from an insecure girl stuck in her high school days to a mature woman — standing up for herself, and being honest with those around her.

RELATED: CW Developing New Robin Hood Drama With ‘Emily Owens, MD’ Producer I feel as if a rug was pulled out from under me. It’s as if those 13 hours of my life are ones that I’ll never get back. But despite how bitter I may be now, I know that I’ll be glad I stuck with until the very end.

As if the floor underneath my feet just became a little less stable. Tricked into liking a show that would never give me the emotional payoff it promised. It was a charming show — unique, intelligent, and cute.

But then I thought — well, more like hoped — that they would still end the show on a good note.

And, of course, her newfound strength and independence came the complications of having too much of a good thing: both Micah and Will made a play for her.Bandari and Cassandra) were starting to show human traits.The way Cassandra offered to cover for Will after his mistake showed how much she cared for him and his career, even though they had already broken up. Bandari proved that she wasn’t as perfect as she pretends to be when her affair came to light. She was trapped in a broken marriage and didn’t know how to get out — we were finally starting to care about the characters we never even wanted to care about.While this is a big deal in and of itself, it was made all the more shocking because Emily and her boss Micah finally gave in to feelings (despite their professional relationship of boss and inferior) and decided to date.The will-they-won’t-they love triangle of the entire season became a true, fully-fledged love triangle.

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